Our Firm

Quintanilla Abogados is a law firm that provides specialized legal advice on energy and other regulated markets matters to local and international clients. Our practice areas involve different sectors such as electrical industry, telecommunications, natural gas, sanitary, postal services, pharmaceutical and health. At Quintanilla Abogados we combine legal and technical-economic arguments of the current regulation and industry practices with an analysis based on economic regulations and antitrust law. Our goal is to contribute with solutions that allow, at all times, the balanced functioning of the markets and the state regulations. 

Our firm is defined based on a multidisciplinary view that integrates law and economic regulation, on one hand, and concepts of engineering, economy and industrial organization of the regulated markets and the grid industry on the other. This implicates creating solutions of legal and technical-economic excellence, providing a dynamic vision on the evolution of the industries, market development and knowledge advancement.